Police State of Mind

from by Mannequin Planet

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Bash their heads in and smash their faces
This organized violence is only a taste
Wash away this filthy protest
And spray them with piss and the blameless confess
Stampede the people and don your riot gear
Herd the sheeple – our reign of fear
Segregation never ended
Forced migration; jail the blended
We’ll force the races back in their places
And cover our tracks with lies
We the sit at the station eating our donuts
Our filthy police pigsty
Club their bodies and stun their nerves
It’s only the rich we protect and serve
The poor have no choice, nor do they have a voice
Put down their will; we’ll even kill

Censor and sanction, a culture of lack
No life of leisure for working class blacks
If a woman is raped, it’s clearly her fault
She should bake a cake and live in a vault
I keep my wife within her kitchen
Cooking my chicken, her personal prison
It’s fine to be a corporate slave
Just don’t expect fair rights or fair wage
The state needs money so we ticket parked cars
The naughty finance domestic wars
State plundered treasures and commercial ledgers,
Disagree, there’s punitive measures
Ticket for anything, fear culture
Ticket for anything, cops are vultures
Catch criminals, don’t rehabilitate
Back on the streets, they’re full of hate

Don’t question the methods of the system
Don’t question its police or its wisdom
When they throw you in prison, they’ll threw away the key
Now you won’t discover your true destiny

Being born into the state is truly a trap
I can’t believe you ate up this crap
You should vacate the country and leave for good
Establish a colony, and live as you should
I barely graduated high school
But even I am not such a fool
You live at your work and die at your post
The state’s parasite: your corporate host
We’ve got free speech, or so I’ve been told
There’s no one to teach what I don’t know
I still can’t afford my monthly rent
I police all day for dollars and cents
I sold my soul for a cheap doughnut
I should be in prison, protecting my butt
Sirens blaze in the station and streets
Say, violence reigns – why do I police?!

Don’t step out of line!
Just serve your time!
The system abides!
Police state of mind!


from Sick of Monsters, released April 26, 2017
Lyrics and vocal arrangements written by David Mac
Vocals performed by David Mac
Guitars performed by Gabe Ausiello
Music written by Ron Graves



all rights reserved


Mannequin Planet San Francisco, California

Mannequin Planet is the ultimate union of aggressive, danceable, industrial metal combined with bold visual art, B-Movie imagery, sexy models, and actors performing a theatrical stage show unlike any you have ever seen!

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