Sick of Monsters

by Mannequin Planet

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Muck Beard
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Muck Beard When the light turns green I floor it because driving fast (is what I like to do). Also, because, slow people are boring (and so are their parents). Favorite track: Driving Fast (Is What I Like to Do).
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released April 26, 2017

Vocals performed by David Mac and Mourning Glory
Music written by Ron Graves
Artwork and production by Ron Graves



all rights reserved


Mannequin Planet San Francisco, California

Mannequin Planet is the ultimate union of aggressive, danceable, industrial metal combined with bold visual art, B-Movie imagery, sexy models, and actors performing a theatrical stage show unlike any you have ever seen!

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Track Name: West of Wild Space
Once upon a time west of wild space
A posse of gunslingers looking for a face
Blaster pistol at the ready,
My reigns at the helm to keep my ship steady
A damsel’s face is etched in the stars
And the mercy of her gaze is vast and far
The Milky Way is an apple pie of sperm,
Dripping from her thighs, so soft and firm
Raiding frontiers where no man has been
The strumpet of the stars is a spacey virgin
Blazing crop circles, freaking out farm boys
Shooting up aliens and making rude noise
Nothing compares to the ecstasy of gold
For their fortunes, they’ll brave the galaxy’s cold
Forefathers rode out west and raped the land
They’ll conquer space and manifest the end

Yo queiro un space vaquero –
Buscame un space bordell-o!
No quiero un lonesome stranger –
This damsel’s not in danger!
Have no fear of flying saucers –
Just watch out for creeps and monsters!

Lips chapped by the dust of the plains
But my lungs are parched by the vacuum of space
Palaver here and heat some space hash
Cooked on the engine jets and served on the dash
In the wild west they used to hunt bounties
But west of wild space, we track pussy
Reach below his asteroid belt
Be sure to avoid that cow-prod welt
Boozers drooling over spacey chicks
Riding through the galaxy, huntin’ for sex
They raped and pillaged some aliens
Just like Europeans did the Indians
Witness their lack of manners and propriety
She seeks escape, her golden opportunity
Sick of the monsters she finds in space saloons,
She packs supplies and flies to the moon

(Eres el pistolero mas rapido en el espacio)
Track Name: Beyond Good and Evil (A Scrap with Satan!)
A pile of sins in my memory bin
Want to come out to play again
I see silhouettes on the TV screen
Of beautiful women I can’t unsee
Stacks of cash that’ll never be mine
Because I’m too lazy to put in the time
I’d rather just sit and eat all the food
I’m a bottomless pit of sloth and lewd

Satan punishes with temptation
The law of the land deals castration
Time to get beyond good and evil
There is no difference between God and the devil!

Just learning how to sit beside myself
Learning how to put my sins on the shelf
Boxing lessons from Siddhartha Gautama
Self-defense taught by Jesus Christ’s mama
Within the Ramayana I seek my soul,
‘Cuz I’ve got to climb out of this sinful hole
All these philosophies are so meant
For sending beyond that evil serpent!

I’m fighting, I’m fighting against the devil
But what do you do when he’s on your level
I’m fighting, I’m fighting against the devil
In my head, my thoughts disheveled
Caught between two paranoiac poles
Convinced that I’m fighting for my soul
Bouncing back and forth in a pinball machine
A black and white future is all I can dream!

Satan punishes with temptation
The law of the land deals castration
Time to get beyond good and evil
There is no difference between God and the devil!

These faiths have to me bestowed discipline
Shown me how to fight Satan
But now I realize there’s no difference
Between good and evil; it’s all violence
I renounce your gods and your devils
I seek inner peace, and I’m not gonna wrestle
Religion’s manufactured by the state
To keep their control of my fate!
Track Name: Brainwash!
Liquidate the people!
(brainwash, brainwash)
Take away their memory…
(brainwash, brainwash)
Destroy their books!
(brainwash, brainwash)
Invent a new history
Make them forget!
(brainwash, brainwash)
Take their culture in thievery…
(brainwash, brainwash)
Let their language die – a natural death

Brainwash the people with liquor and beer
Brainwash the people with politics and fear
Brainwash the people with religion
Brainwash the people with superstition

Governments are mafias!
(brainwash, brainwash)
Of organized forgetting…
(brainwash, brainwash)
To kill off a culture…
(brainwash, brainwash)
There’s no need for bloodletting
Give the people choice –
(brainwash, brainwash)
They relax and sit back
(brainwash, brainwash)
They forget they have a voice…
(brainwash, brainwash)
Their futures are black

Brainwash the people with liquor and beer
Brainwash the people with politics and fear
Brainwash the people with religion
Brainwash th e people with superstition
Brainwash the people with capitalism
Brainwash the people with communism
Brainwash the people with autocracy
Brainwash the people with democracy

My mind is cycling through a brainwash
Soap! Rinse! Repeat!
Mushing my brains into thick white slosh
Soap! Rinse! Repeat!

The system is designed –
(brainwash, brainwash)
To allow for bravery!
(brainwash, brainwash)
You can try to protest…
(brainwash, brainwash)
But it’s technological slavery
The system is designed –
(brainwash, brainwash)
To maintain control!
(brainwash, brainwash)
Change can happen slowly…
(brainwash, brainwash)
But you’ve lost your soul!

I’m navigating the innards of your Kafkaesque nightmare
(I think the government pays to use my brain as a timeshare!)
I think I’ll have another beer…
(It does help to lessen the strength of that healthy dose of fear)
I feel like I’m more a part of this system than of the earth!
(Well, you have had a social security number since birth)
It’s more important to conform than to achieve…
I’m free, yet I believe!

My mind is cycling through a brainwash
Soap! Rinse! Repeat!
Mushing my brains into thick white slosh
Soap! Rinse! Repeat!
Track Name: The Beastmaster
I know what it’s like to live inside the bodies of beasts and plants
(I am the beastmaster)
From lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my, to the smallest insects and ants
(I am the beastmaster)
Changing my shape from form to form, moving through the world in herds and swarms
A feral fugitive, I’ll never stop, immortality mine, I’ll never drop
(I am the beastmaster)

I am the beastmaster
I change my form faster
I am the beastmaster
I’ll never die!

As a bird flying o’er tree tops, singing the songs of gods
(I am the beastmaster)
Roaming the oceans as a whale, feasting on cephalopods
Ruling the earth like dinosaurs did, or even King Kong
Declaring myself master of the beasts in all their writhing throngs
(I am the beastmaster)

I rearrange molecules as I please
I have become a fucking god machine
I have energy and will to be
I summon matter to come unto me
Flying with the birds up over the trees
Traversing the bottoms of the endless seas
I have been designed to outlast man
Nature incarnate, man cannot win
Track Name: Police State of Mind
Bash their heads in and smash their faces
This organized violence is only a taste
Wash away this filthy protest
And spray them with piss and the blameless confess
Stampede the people and don your riot gear
Herd the sheeple – our reign of fear
Segregation never ended
Forced migration; jail the blended
We’ll force the races back in their places
And cover our tracks with lies
We the sit at the station eating our donuts
Our filthy police pigsty
Club their bodies and stun their nerves
It’s only the rich we protect and serve
The poor have no choice, nor do they have a voice
Put down their will; we’ll even kill

Censor and sanction, a culture of lack
No life of leisure for working class blacks
If a woman is raped, it’s clearly her fault
She should bake a cake and live in a vault
I keep my wife within her kitchen
Cooking my chicken, her personal prison
It’s fine to be a corporate slave
Just don’t expect fair rights or fair wage
The state needs money so we ticket parked cars
The naughty finance domestic wars
State plundered treasures and commercial ledgers,
Disagree, there’s punitive measures
Ticket for anything, fear culture
Ticket for anything, cops are vultures
Catch criminals, don’t rehabilitate
Back on the streets, they’re full of hate

Don’t question the methods of the system
Don’t question its police or its wisdom
When they throw you in prison, they’ll threw away the key
Now you won’t discover your true destiny

Being born into the state is truly a trap
I can’t believe you ate up this crap
You should vacate the country and leave for good
Establish a colony, and live as you should
I barely graduated high school
But even I am not such a fool
You live at your work and die at your post
The state’s parasite: your corporate host
We’ve got free speech, or so I’ve been told
There’s no one to teach what I don’t know
I still can’t afford my monthly rent
I police all day for dollars and cents
I sold my soul for a cheap doughnut
I should be in prison, protecting my butt
Sirens blaze in the station and streets
Say, violence reigns – why do I police?!

Don’t step out of line!
Just serve your time!
The system abides!
Police state of mind!
Track Name: Not Your Dope!
Wall street brokers…
Thieves and jokers!
Lost all hope…
To these clowns on dope!

Not your dope!
(There’ll be no redemption)
Get your hands off my shit…
Not your dope!
(Within this song)
I want all of it!
Not your dope!
(We’ve been after your pension)
Get your hands off my shit…
Not your dope!
(All lalala long, all lalala long)
I want all of it!

Business tycoons
Smarmy greedy loons
Class war drama
Bob Marley bourgeois opera

Camouflage clown dress
Economy in duress
Everything is well
Wall Street cartel
Track Name: Driving Fast (Is What I Like to Do)
I’m revving up my engine
As I speed through an alternate dimension
(alternate dimension)
I think I’m real slick,
I’m a real fuckin maverick
(Fuckin’ maverick)
Gotta keep that motor clean
With commercial quality oil
(Red Line or Valvoline?)
I’m after wealth and fame
I’m the dude in the passing lane
(See my signal, baby!)

Driving fast is what I like to do
(Driving fast, I’m driving fast, and driving fast is fun)
If you wanna come along, we’ll listen to some Steppenwolf tunes
(Driving fast, I’m driving fast, and driving fast is fun)

Excess and Lamborghinis
Is my way into pink bikinis
(Snap my pink bikini string, yeah)
Pick up a piece of ass
As I hit critical mass
(Hit my critical mass, now baby)
A pair of squeezable teats
To grab in the bucket seat
(Grab my bucket seat, yeah!)
These girls, they like my steed
But they can’t stand the bugs in my teeth
(Ew, bugs in your teeth, gross!)

Why did the chicken cross the road,
Perhaps to peck my fuckin’ choad, yeah
(That’s my chicken, yeah!)
If you wanna play chicken
You best prepare to get a lickin
You know you don’t want your ass beat!
I don’t just pick up chicks,
I also brake for ducklings
(Hold on a second, what did you say?)
You best check your speed
When you see a duck family cross the road
(Are you some kind of nature freak?)

Mother ducks are very, very sacred
If you’re a chick who thinks so too
Maybe we can get naked
(Okay, I think I’ll get naked somewhere else)
Driving fast is what I like to do
If you wanna come along,
We’ll listen to some Steppenwolf tunes
(Driving fast, I’m driving fast, and driving fast is fun)
Track Name: The Hard Hat Funk of the Driller Killer
I need you up
Up on your feet
Let’s hit the floor
Let’s hit the street

Take notice of
The safety cones
We can watch the scene
From a safety zone

He’s not worried
About going to jail
His hard hat funk
Composed with hammer and nails

Work kills him slow
His life’s a loss
Boogie of death
Let’s fuckin kill the boss!

I’m the driller killer (Driller killer)
Come get this hard hat funk
I’m the driller killer (Driller killer)
I’ll kill the boss, that punk

The urban sun sets
(Air hot and sidewalk wet)
His muscles glisten
(Sticky with his sweat)

Come and dance with him
(Beneath the stars)
Construction beam high up
(So high above the cars)

Filled with rage to murder
(He’s just a village person)
A simple working man
(Dancing off his burden)

To make him come
(There are only two things)
Torturous killing-sprees
(And then there’s disco-funk)

Construction tape
Over the boss’s lips
Power saw in his gut
Ripping south past his hips

Slicing up into coleslaw
Gone beyond the law
Working through his flaws
With torture and dance

Inside the driller killer
A man who hates his job
Common everyman builder
Talk about miserables

The bell tolls 5 on the clock
Driller hits the lock
On the port-O-pot
Steps in, works over the boss

The foreman sold out
(A traitor to his class)
For a tiny pay raise
(For us to kiss his ass)

DK takes so much pleasure
(In doing bodily harm)
To that treacherous boss
(Witness his hard hat charm)

Brings down upon the nuts
(Full weight of a sledgehammer)
Flips the power switch
(On the jackhammer)

Looks into the eyes
(Of his deceiver)
Lowers it over the heart
(And slays his betrayer)
Track Name: Magic is Fun!
You are feeling very sleazy
Perhaps even a bit cheesy
Step into my parlor
Out of the light, where it’s a bit darker
Would you like to live forever?
I can show you how
All it takes is a little bit of magic
To overcome Heaven and Hell
Allow yourself to fall under my spell

Will you go with me
Will you go with me
The choice is yours, it’s yours to decide

Will you go with me
Will you go with me
And meet me there on the other side?

Will you go with me
Will you go with me
Feel the rising and the turning of the tide

Will you go with me
Will you go with me
Or will you cower there, just trying to hide?

Will you go with me
Will you go with me
There isn’t much time left to bide

Will you go with me
Will you go with me
And find out whether or not I have lied?

You live at my command
Or by a slight of hand
I can take the tragic
And turn it into magic
You shall be resurrected
Just focus on me, stay connected
Be a good little rabbit
Take this teensy drop of acid

Will you kill yourself
Will you kill yourself
And find peace in eternity?

Will you kill yourself
Will you kill yourself
Do what it is that’s necessary

Will you kill yourself
Will you kill yourself
Find with me immortality

Will you kill yourself
Will you kill yourself
And thus avoid true fatality

Will you kill yourself
Will you kill yourself
Rise above rationality

Will you kill yourself
Will you kill yourself
Merge with my split personality

My magic your mother forbids
It’s true, these tricks aren’t for kids
In my voice, you must believe
For truly, I would not deceive
I am not some cracker box genie
I can even out-voodoo the great Houdini
Forget card tricks and other games of chance
Step into the netherworld, for a high-stakes dance

You’ve lost yourself in
You’ve lost sight of
Your true salvation
Each life you live is
Only a station
On your way to
The next fucking station

Will you go with me
End the cycle
To make this final migration

Will you kill yourself
End the cycle Come with me to find divination

This life is only
The next world is the
True creation
You are a god
This is predetermination

Will you go with me
End this cycle
Cease your flirtation

Will you kill yourself
End the cycle
Choose to make this consecration
Track Name: California Women
On California
Spanish mythical isle
Waiting for the attack
Women warriors while
Training for the crusade
On the heavenly bluffs
Preparing to fight
Only ‘cause they must
In earthly paradise
Adorned with pearls, stones, and gold
Sharpening their daggers
Beautiful, sexy, and bold
They will not be sold
Into slavery
Defeat means serving
Men eternally

The penis brings life!
(When paired with my womb)
We’re going to put patriarchy…
(Inside its tomb!)

Led by Queen Calafia
Most dazzling of queens
Upon this black goddess
Women stake their dreams
Invasion of Rome
Astride handsome griffins
Their beastly show of force
Would make any man stiffen
Upon Moslims and Christians
The griffins descend
Bringing men to their end
Shall fall into ruin
Salvation at hand
Matriarchy is brewing

The penis brings life!
(When paired with my womb)
We’re going to put patriarchy…
(Inside its tomb!)

I wish they all!
(Could be California women!)
Independent, strong!
(Astride handsome griffins!)

But Calafia falls
In love with Espalidan
And then she falls sway
To his Christian plan
She recalls her women
They hold off attack
And so they’re laid to waste
By the empire of lack
And that’s how it happened
Women will always serve
Our empress was foiled by
Knight of the Great Serpent
Since the dawning of man
History has been framed
As a culture of man
Playing war games

Come down to California
Bountiful cornucopia
Come down to California
Matriarchal utopia
Come down to California
Leave patriarchal paranoia
Come down to California